Is it possible for morality to exist independently of religion, or is the human condition one in which people do not have the restraint to suppress worldly desires, aims and passions? What is it in society that guides humans to strive for inner, moral perfection? Is that perfection attainable without religion to act as a moral compass, or beacon of light? Or have the guardians of the state already taken the keys to enlightenment and molded us into slaves incapable of questioning the motives and values of capitalism, profit and interest? If moral virtue is achieved through the suppression and subjugation of one’s passions and desires, doesn’t that put us at odds and contradict our current way of living? One in which material success and luxury motivates and impels our actions and desires. Does one’s thirst for personal gain come at the expense and neglect of morality, or are they capable of coinciding next to one another?

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