something beautiful can be planted and grow again.
To Live in a Doomed Society
umair haque

In search of Beauty


So, where is this “beauty” to be found? What does it look like? How will it be known? Why can’t it be found now and some of us become the apocalyptic renegades who try to nurture it through the collapse? Wouldn’t this give us some bond with each other?

And what happened to your “Shepherd’s way” mindset? That was only August. Have things fallen apart for you so quickly? This is why I wrote to you before. You seem to be trapped by your own ghosts, that don’t want to let you reach out for new understandings that will separate you from them.

Until the FLAWED foundations of world society are understood, neither war nor peace will solve today’s great problems or end the grief, because the problems will just come back.

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