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Mark Lotto

Leaping FAR Ahead !


There is clearly a lot of opportunity here. Some ideas I know how to achieve just off the top of my head:

1. A visualization of the impending Collapse of Worldwide Civilization — this is currently a series on Medium which could be brought to life.

2. It is well known that the internet has become a knowledge landfill ! Most blogs, news articles, even Medium posts end up that way. Novel ideas can turn this around.

3. The SINGULARITY, when computers can think like humans has already occurred. Humanity, including the best scientists just haven’t recognized it because they are asking the wrong questions. This knowledge belongs to the people. (Yes, I stumbled on to the explanation for human consciousness. It’s both simple as well as unbounded.) Let’s build a “Matter” Brain with human consciousness and Leap into the Future.

4. I stumbled onto a new explanation of MATTER ( as in the physics term) in the universe. Unlike the equations of modern physics, this form of matter can easily be described and visualized. For example, it explains the Big Bang in simple terms. This can create a very creative play on your use of the word “Matter” besides opening some BIG doors for creatives to apply the discoveries to daily life.

5. Multiple individual creative projects is a good approach. But we should also harness the distributed creative spirit of the world. We need to invent higher level “media organisms” using cellular models, rather than be trapped with the “bacterial” model that is the plague of modern capitalism.

Just for starters ;-))

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