List of Medium Tags

Here is a list of the most popular tags on Medium as of 12/18/15. A discussion of how this list came to be was posted as What are Medium Writers Talking about.

List A: Tags that have been used on more than 10,000 posts (as of 12/18/15) (alphabetical order)

Books, Business, Design, Education, Entrepreneurship, Fiction, Food, Health, IFTTT, Life, Life Lessons, Love, Market Research Reports, Marketing, Movies, Poetry, Politics, Social, Media, Startup, Tech, Technology, Travel, Twitter, Uhd, Writing

List B: Tags that have been used on more than 1,000 posts (as of 12/18/15) (alphabetical order)

The tags in list A are repeated here.

Addiction, Adventure, Advertising, Advice, Agile, All Things Considered, Amazon, Amor, Analytics, Android, Android App Development, Apple, Apple Watch, Apps, Architecture, Art, Artificial Intelligence, Beauty, Bible, Big Data, Big Data, Big Market Research, Bitcoin, Blacklivesmatter, Blockchain, Blogger, Blogging, Book review, Books, Branding, Business, Cancer, Cancer, Career Advice, Careers, Cars, Change, Checkpoints, Children, Christianity, Christianity, Christmas, Cinema, Climate Change, Cloud Computing, Coaching, Coding, Coffee, College, Comedy, Comics, Communications, Community, Comportamento, Content Marketing, Contos, Cooking, Creativity, Culture, Data, Data Science, Dating, Death, Depression, Design, Design Thinking, Development, Digital marketing, Diversity, Dogs, Donald Trump, Dreams, Ebooks, Ecommerce, Economics, Education, Education Reform, email, Empreendedorismo, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Escort, Facebook, Family, Fashion, Fear, Feminism, Feminismo, Fiction, Film, Finance, FinTech, Fitness, Food, Football, Free, Freelancing, Friendship, Future, Games, Gaming, Gender Equality, Gift, God, Google, Government, Growth, Gun Control, Guns, Halloween, Happiness, Health, Healthcare, Hillary Clinton, Hip Hop, Hiring, History, Home, How to Make It, Human Rights, Humor, ideas, IFTTT, Immigration, Innovation, Inspiration, Instigram, Internet, Internet Marketing, Internet of things, Interview, Investing, iOS, IoT, iPhone, ISIS, Islam, JavaScript, Jobs, Journalism, Language, Law, Leadership, Learning, LGBTQ, Life, Life Hacking, Life Lessons, Lifestyle, Literatura, Literature, Logo Design, Love, Luxury, Management, Market Research Reports, Marketing, Marriage, Mathematics, Media, Meditation, Medium, Medium Update, Memoir, Mental Health, Microsoft, Millennials, Mindfulness, Mobile, Money, Most e mailed stories, Motherhood, Motivation, Movie, Movies, Nature, Networking, News, Nonprofit, Nutrition, Opinion, Parenting, Paris attacks, Periscope, Personal, Personal Development, Pinterest, Podcast, Poem, Poesia, Poetry, Politics, Psychology, Publishing, Race, Racism, Reading, Real Estate, Recipe, Recruiting, Refugees, Relationships, Religion, Religion, Review, Running, Sales, Satire, Science, Science Fiction, Security, Self Improvement, Self-awareness, SEO, Sex, Sharing Economy, Short Story, Small Business, Soccer, Social Justice, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Software, Software Development, Space, Spirituality, Sports, Spotify, Star Wars, Startup, Startups, Stock Market, Story, Storytelling, Streaming, Success, Sustainability, Teaching, Tech, Technology, Television, Terrorism, Test, Testing, This Happened To Me, Thoughts, Time Management, Torrent, Transgender, Travel, TV Series, Tweet Thoughts, Twitter, Uber, Uhd, UI, User Experience, UX, UX Design, Venture Capital, VPN, War, Web Design, Web Development, Weddings, Weight Loss, Windows 10, Women, Women in tech, Wordpress, Work, Work life balance, Writing, Writing Prompts, Writing Tips, Yoga, YouTube

List C: Tags for countries and languages that have been used on any posts (as of 12/18/15) (alphabetical order)

Afghanistan, Africa, America, Amsterdam, Argentina, Asia, Australia, Brasil, Brazil, Canada, China, Deutsch, Dubai, Dublin, Dutch, Egypt, Espanol, Europe, European Union, Francais, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italia, Italian, Italiano, Italy, Japan, Japanese, Korea, Korean, London, Los Angeles, Mexico, Moscow, Nepal, New York, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paris, Polish, Rio De Janeiro, Russian, San Francisco, South Africa, South America, Spain, Spanish, Sweden, Swedish, Switzerland, Syria, Tokyo, Toronto, Turkce, Turkey, Turkish, Ukraine, United Nations, United States, USA, Venezuela

List D: Tags for countries and languages that have been used on any posts (as of 12/18/15) (popularity order)

Spanish — 14700; Brasil — 8200; Russian — 7500; Turkce — 4300; Indonesia — 3800; Japanese — 3500; India — 3100; San Francisco — 2300; Italiano — 2200; China — 2000; Deutsch — 2000; Japan — 2000; Paris — 2000; Syria — 2000; Africa — 1800; Espanol — 1800; New York — 1800; Turkish — 1600; France — 1400; Francais — 1300; Europe — 1200; Mexico — 1200; Polish — 1200; London — 1100; Canada — 1000; Iran — 976; Australia — 867; Greece — 850; Italian — 813; Italia — 713; Ukraine — 705; Dutch — 698; America — 691; Los Angeles — 683; Toronto — 618; Nigeria — 615; Argentina — 591; USA — 544; Brazil — 541; Italy — 522; Nepal — 518; Turkey — 517; South Africa — 471; Pakistan — 452; Tokyo — 407; Korea — 358; Germany — 353; Venezuela — 333; Spain — 293; Swedish — 279; Rio De Janeiro — 270; Afghanistan — 265; United Nations — 244; Egypt — 212; European Union — 210; Amsterdam — 209; Dubai — 195; Asia — 193; United States — 180; Korean — 161; Moscow — 111; Sweden — 96; Switzerland — 93; Dublin — 78

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