A minority group of scientists favor not adding some unseen source of mass, but to rather modify the laws of gravitation instead. These models all have difficulties,
Is Dark Matter required for life to exist?
Ethan Siegel

OK? But the Standard Model also has difficulties!


You provided a good, well illustrated summary of the current standard model for Dark Matter. But this has been done many times before by a lot of different writers. A much better contribution for readers would be for you to use your available time to gather ALL the proposed solutions for this phenomenon and publish an organized summary of that collection.

Angels on a pin — www.CK12.org

Science is currently stuck and needs some fundamental new directions.

One of the major problems of current academic science is its organizational model being a flock of sheep steered by a small group of herd dogs like Hawkings, Greene, Alcock, Spergel, Bennett, etc.

Science would do much better off following Popper’s approach. This would publish an easily accessible list of theories organized into groups such as: pretty solid but, pretty good, sketchy but powerful, dark horses, kinda wild etc. and rewarding people for producing proofs that challenge or improve the better theories. I’d like to enter such a competition with Space Lattice Theory because it has the ability to de-thrown a lot of existing theories in one shot.