We are all complicit in this way with the banality of evil.
The Evil Banality of “PharmaBitch”
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Society’s Misunderstanding of Capitalism

In his book Today’s ISMS, Alan Ebenstein makes a general statement about the failure of human organizations:

“What has doomed all historically known forms of economic organization, according to Marx, is the fact that when new productive forces develop, the existing productive relations — that is, the existing social institutions — stand in the way of their proper utilization. Each system thus eventually becomes wasteful in terms of the creative potentialities that have developed in its womb but are not permitted to be born and to grow. The existing generation of institutions desires, as it were, no offspring.”

Most human institutions have unknowingly been founded on an evolution-based bacterial model. A society adopts a policy because it is trying to achieve some benefit for some group. But, because of the bacterial model, the policy relentlessly expands as it is implemented — two of it’s primary goals always being growth and survival. Even when it grows out of control and causes massive social harm rather than benefit, it is allowed to keep living and growing. This happens because humans do not recognize that they are using an evolution-based bacterial model. They don’t recognize that this model is self-limited based on massive destruction. When confronted with business problems, they feel that if they interfere with the basic model, all of the benefits that were claimed for it will be lost. THIS WAS THE MISTAKE human society made in how they codified capitalism. Until it is fixed, the bacterial cultures of this monster will continue to grow until they meet the very well understood demise of bacterial cultures.