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Tip of the Iceberg


Great insight. AND, you have now discovered the tip of a very big iceberg.

Many years ago I stumbled onto a whole area of psychology related to this. For example, “Dunkin Donuts has the BEST coffee” and “I wouldn’t wear any heavy weather gear except North Face”. You go out with friends. They only pick the “best” restaurants and the “best” wine.

What is behind most of this is people trying to wrestle with INSECURITY. Subconsciously, if their mind can’t believe it knows “right”, then it can’t feel safe. So, to feel safe, it “must” know what is right. Our brains will lie to us (denial) to achieve this. Modern life is now totally awash in a plague of complexity. Knowing right for every facet of life has gone way beyond the ability of human brains. So what do our “Stone Age Brains” do? They fall back to primitive clan behavior.

As I said, this is a very big iceberg. Anyone interested in reading more, here are links to Owning our own feelings, the Stone Age Brain problem, the polarization and breakdown of communication in society, and why people call others DUMB.

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