Your Present State Of Deception

We all live in a state of deception. There is someplace in our lives, some area or blind spot that currently we are oblivious to. Are you taking the time to identify your present state of deception?

Proverbs 14:12 talks about the fact there is a way that seems right but ends really poorly, some versions go as far as saying it ends in death. All of us risk the chance to taking the wrong path in life and dwelling in spaces where we are oblivious the deception that is keeping us from being the best person God designed for us to be, the best version of us created in His image.

We have a responsibility to be examining what area of our life where we are blind and living in a state of deception. I think my present state of deception has to do with believing that courage is not as valuable as success. When I hedge audacity to only do what I know can be accomplished I rob myself, my family, and my team from experiencing the wonder and mystery God intends for us to experience when we are living a life rooted in audacious faith.

Do you know what are of your life is in the present state of deception? If you don’t, you probably could ask someone close to you…it won’t take them long to reveal it to you.

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