Hey sunshine,
Nikki Black

Ok, self-appointed speaker for all womankind. You pointed to an article that Metzger harassed women and even that article admitted way down at the end that they had no proof. Now you claim you are secretly speaking to all these women when no one has ever heard of you before. Call me skeptical. Your 15 minutes of very minor fame are really going to your bright orange head.

Police don’t put people in jail? In 2012 over 70,000 men were convicted of various sex offenses. I think you need to do some research.

Rape is getting worse and not better. It isn’t going to help women to tell them not to go to the police. Liberals with non solutions like yourself are not making things better. I do love when liberals try to destroy another liberal for just saying go to the police/put rapists in jail. That is entertainment.

Really? Comedy clubs are the bastions of rape you claim. In what way are they unsafe? I’ve been to numerous clubs and they seemed extremely safe. Your average nightclub or bar is way less safe. Are you really a comedian? I’ve never seen someone so humorless.

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