he made false profiles of female writers. that is harassment. that’s not just sharing an opinion
Nikki Black

There is no proof of that. Maybe you should read the article you linked to. Even that hit job on Metzger admitted there is no evidence.

So your solution is that women should not go to the police and let the raping go on! Some warrior princess. Time for liberals to realize that their dogmatic views on rape help no one. Putting rapists in jail is what is going to stop future rapes and educating women on how to best avoid rapist men. I know that isn’t popular to try to actually prevent rape. But telling someone it wasn’t their fault is cold comfort to a girl who just got raped. I am not saying every rape is preventable, but certain things are. Don’t go to that hotel room with Mike Tyson at 4am. It’s still rape. Tyson even went to jail. But that woman still got raped. Do you think she cares that “It wasn’t her fault.”

This campaign to educate men is ridiculous. Hoping current and future rapists will see the light won’t work. They don’t care!

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