Discovering Simplicity

Life is simple only if we do not analyze it, make it pass through the rigors of intellectual understanding. A simple insight that came across as I was riding on my bicycle. Its a story of a man, who like anyone of us, was born, looked outside and fell into the idiosyncrasies of the world, only to discover a road within oneself.

Just about everything is simple, the air we breathe, water we drink, the space we adore, everything…but only till the point where we begin to understand it, till mind comes into play. We start appreciating the beauty of a flower, we miss looking at the flower.

I remember my time as a child, life was a lot less complex, we used to drink water from fountains nearby, get milk in a bottle, my mother used to carry her own bag to get the groceries and plastic was not much heard about. This is how almost every Indian city was in the early 80’s. We used to have dinner together, television had just started to make a vicious entry, cell phones were unheard off. We would get a telegram when one of our relatives expired. There was not so much to be anxious about. We wouldn’t go about worrying where one was with our GPS coordinates, memory was fresh, we could remember things, new roads, new streets, places. Washing machines weren’t there. My mother used to wash all of our clothes. There were more trees, more natural streams, many kids playing outside in the mud.

Now, lets swing by couple of decades and one is at a loss to witness the story of development. Mud roads were replaced by Asphalt, milk was distributed in plastic polymer bags, Television became a big sensation, cities were through rapid expansion., the list goes on till the present moment.

We went from simplicity to complexity thinking it would make our life easier. Are our lives destined to work, procreate and have fun. Isn't there a larger purpose to our lives. The more we tend to drift outside, we lose touch with the real, with the simple. It comes to point where the complexity feels like a maze, a spider web that keeps clawing at us a ridiculously rapid pace. But the good news is, we all have a choice. To return to our innocence, to become simple in every aspect of our lives. From the gross to the subtle, from heaviness to lightness, from quantity to quality, from darkness to light.

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