It’s Absurd How Much We Suck as a Nation
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Dear American children,

I am not American, I have only visited, but if I may, I’d like to write to you too.

I apologise on behalf of generations today and those before me. America is one example of what people are doing the world over. So my letter goes to all children.

At some point, you will read the history of how we got here. When you look at the history of America, include Britain, it’s closely connected. Start with the East India Company and the sociopathic business practice that took everyone’s breath away, then inspired their greed. Then look at the Boer War and how it changed the modern concept of gender, masculinity, and ushered in an era of warmongering that bounced and escalated between the superpowers. And then look at that sociopathic business practice and what it did to the earth and our health / well-being. We are a world that has been taught to serve corporate business. Young men are trained to be soldiers from birth. Women are trained to run the country in their absence. The hierarchy is rich white men at the top, then it’s white women, the richer or more beautiful the better, than it’s the rest of the world with the poor, vulnerable, sick/disabled, and black men at the bottom. We are taught to adore the rich white men, and fear the black men, even if the latter are friends or family, and the former are lowering our living standards and leaving us out of pocket.

They wanted it all, they took it all. No, they weren’t saving for a rainy day. They did it just because. Because they could. That’s it. They tore apart the fabric of society for personal gain, hoovering up everything. There has been no thought or regard for the future because as long as it didn’t affect anything in their lives, they didn’t give a fuck. They don’t even care for their own children’s future. They worship money, that’s it.

So you know what you do? Devalue money so it’s worthless. Then those trillions ‘saved’ in tax havens are literally nothing. Upend sociopathic business practice for a compassionate one. It’s stronger and more powerful, they wouldn’t stand a chance, no matter how cutthroat or ruthless they tried to be. Because there is no force stronger in this world than love. Love wins.

Because of blind greed, we may not make it out of this century. So as much as I apologise on their behalf, I am also asking your help, if I may. Call out their bullshit. Make no excuses, don’t rationalise. They really did not give a fuck, and they bullied us into submission, they threatened us, murdered us. Don’t recognise their authority and they will have no power over you. Our future is in your hands. I know you’ve got this. I am so sorry for the terrible burden that’s been placed on you.

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