Learning To Scream Again: Promoting Leftism for Artists and Writers
John Leavitt

Dream bigger. Basic income, free housing, free healthcare. Scrap pay day loans and any abuse of power that’s anti-humanity. If anyone reading that is shocked, think on it and revisit 12 months from now. Automation is accelerating, middle class jobs will disappear along with all the others, what’s left? People are struggling now, today, what will it look like when it’s practically the whole country? Is it really the richest country on earth if everyone’s destitute or dead? And it’s not one billionaire anymore, it’s one trillionaire. One guy has the money everyone else should have.

It’s ok to look at the negatives. Really look at them. Make a list. Then look at the list again. Hidden in there is what you do want. Identify it, and you have your list of positives to work towards. Looking at negatives also helps release anger and frustration. It’s a healthy thing to do. But don’t get stuck there. Think of it as part of a process of healing and remember to look for what will make things better.

Up until the 1960s, both the left and the right were ‘leftist’, i.e. they incorporated socialist values in their policies. But something changed and there was a sharp shift to the hard right. It was hidden from view because it wore the clothes of socialism and democracy. Right now, the truth is being laid bare, we’re seeing what the emperor is really wearing. The real shock isn’t just what’s happening today, it’s also what we grew up with and never realised till now. Our disillusion has pulled the rug from under us while mad leaders tell us different.

I like ‘abolish nuance’. Personally, I go for ‘no more bullshit’. Same difference. :)

Wonderful article, you’re thinking along the right lines. We need to restore society, democracy, have real equality, ethical businesses who serve their customers not their shareholders, we need to recognise the Right for what they really are, fascist nazis. ‘It couldn’t happen here’. It did under our very noses. And now we’re seeing it. Zero tolerance for the right wing, there isn’t a single policy worth keeping. If it’s not in our best interests, in the interests of humanity and the earth, gtfo.

Keep going, and dream bigger.

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