I never dream of cowboys

The ocean, sure

A surging sea with crashing waves, of course

I unpack my day, remember things, review

Once, I did my nails and my friend came round, the one who loves make up

But cowboys? No. Don’t think so.

My favourite was this delicious Scooby snack floating in the air

Lovely big sandwich with loads of goodies spilling out

Floating infront of me, closer and closer

Eventually, I leaned forward to take a bite

I couldn’t fathom why it didn’t taste of anything

No scent, no flavour

Surprised, I woke up

To discover I was biting the duvet

Om nom eurgh!

I have dreams of great adventures

I fly across countries and towns

I rescue people from the End of Days

I go shopping with my sister and argue who gets what

I hang with friends, I kiss my loves

But cowboys? No. Don’t think so.

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