Babu Baby Carriers


I love what I do: I love making BABY WRAPPERS and have been doing this from a young age. I love it because, I know it is the work of my hands and it brings out my creative side and joy of knowing that products put a smile on the parents and the baby’s face makes me love what I do even more.

Dream and do it: Having been taught how to knit at young age by my mother and being a witness of how it transforms lives including our own because the income generated helped to put us through school. From there it became one of my dreams. My last job was at the Bank before I resigned and started a Poultry Project. I still would make wrappers for my grand children and people would remind me on this gift so I never stopped doing it; Because of health issues, I then stopped Poultry and currently receiving treatment in Canada.

Its here in Canada where I realised I can still pursue my dream and do it. I did not know how to market myself until I heard of Wealthy Affiliation Business online and I know this is where I belong and I showcase my product to the world.

What is it for me: It is a passion something I really love doing. Having to do different designs that are challenging also makes it exciting for me. It is more than just me enjoying doing it but the warm feeling, it brings to the family and mostly the baby. It is unique and can be kept for memories for the kids when they are all grown up. This is what it is for me, it all spells out love for me.

Find my way to success: Success is a mixture if my input and the audience because with your help I am able to design products that will not only sell but you love and find comfort and warmthin. So your feed-back helps me find this path to success and remember everything done in love always comes out full of life.