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Earn Passive income while holding babycake token!

What’s pink, extremely cute, undeniably adorable and becoming more popular by the day? You could think of a variety of things that may qualify as good answers, but these days tens of thousands of avid investors would say the universally recognized BabyCake brand. The CAKE-reflection token is believed by many…

When the news of former COO Frank being promoted to the role of BabyCake CEO was announced, naturally there were some questions. Most of them concerned the future roles of the founders of BabyCake, Monk and Halo.

While Frank’s well-deserved promotion was announced by Frank himself, it wasn’t long until…

Hello BabyCake community,

We are pleased to announce to you the BabyCake Burn!

The team has decided to burn 200 million team-owned tokens every day for 7 days. The total burn will amount to 1.4 billion tokens, worth $150,000.

The burn started on the 27th of September and will run…

It's a known fact in economics that the concept of printing more fiat (dollars) to add to the existing supply has a dilutive effect on the value, so also, the removal from the existing supply tends to increase the purchasing power of the currency.

This theory is also applicable to…

BabyCake (CAKE) is thrilled to announce its first NFT toy developed in Augmented Reality. The next-gen NFT developed by BabyCake will bring a new era of innovation to the otherwise mundane NFT market industry.

Taking a revolutionary approach to offer an excellent passive income source, BabyCake has already established a…

BabyCake proudly stands as the world’s first CAKE reflection token. Users receive CAKE in their crypto wallets just for holding the $BABYCAKE native token.

Best of all – there’s no stress about manually claiming CAKE. Tokens are automatically sent to wallets thanks to BabyCake’s Protocol. …

Hello all,

A portion of the team’s token has been unlocked, apparently 1billion tokens (1/5th of allocation).

Under careful deliberation, the team has decided not to sell any amount of the token rather it will repurchase babycake from the market, with their own share of dividends, hence increasing market capitalization.

The babycake team is focused on providing utility and value to everything in our ecosystem including our tokens..

Thanks for staying with us!

Hello Babycake community,

We are so excited to introduce to you, our latest application feature, “ARP- Auto reinvestment pool”..

This feature allows you deposit your Babycakes into the pool and earn more babycakes similar to Staking..

The ARP tracks all holders of the token that has deposited babycake into the…

Hello Babycake community,

We are pleased to introduce to you, another reoccurring event "The Diamond Hands Sunday”.

As we all know Dividends paid to our holders are just 7% of all transactions, but on Sundays Dividends increases to 12%, allowing you to earn more cake.

This is to appreciate our ever trusting community and solid investors.

Enjoy those delicious cakes!

The entire Baby Cake team is excited to announce our partnership with Luna PR, an award-winning crypto and PR global marketing agency headquartered in Dubai.

We look forward to collaborating with Luna PR to bolster our long-term marketing strategy, reach more people through news, and attract more investors and buyers…


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