Slaughterhouse Five: So It Goes

Historical Background

One of the most important events in history that is tied to Slaughterhouse Five is the bombing of Dresden during World War II. During the final months of WWII the allied forces bombed the historic city of Dresden. However this bombing was quite controversial because Dresden was not important to the German war effort, nor was it a major industrial center. Before the air raids of February of 1945 Dresden had not faced any major Allied attacks. The massive bombing raid lasted from the 13th to the 15th of February, and after in was over Dresden was just a smoldering ember of which the fire that is Slaughterhouse Five was written.

Intolerance In Dresden

The people of Dresden where horribly subjected to intolerance which in turn made them to burn. The Allied Powers were extremely intolerant when It came to the destruction of Dresden.

The Allied Forces allowed Stalin to bomb Eastern Germany in preparation for the approaching Soviet forces. However, Dresden was neither important to the German war effort, nor was it a major industrial center for Germany. There was no purpose behind the bombing of Dresden whatsoever, which strengthens the argument that the Allied Forces were intolerant. Not only did the two day air raid cost the Allied Forces more money than it would have if they were to not reduce the city of Dresden to rubble, but then also massacred over 200,000 innocent civilians.

I Need A Hero

The everyday hero that I am choosing for the Dresden bombings is the firemen. Right after the bombers were gone they rushed into the flames and tried to help as many people as possible. The leaders of these heroes were probably the most heroic of all. They were the ones who made the split-second decisions that save people’s lives. If the people who were able bodied refused to help, then they would receive a bullet in between their eyes. The firemen would provide fresh water and aid to the human torches that were the people of Dresden. They would navigate the rivers of burning tar rivers that used to be the streets just to help the people who were caused all of this pain and suffering by the Allied Forces.

My Focus

I will be focusing on the social injustice that the people of Dresden faced due to the Allied Forces during the end of WWII. I will be focusing on the actions of the Allied Forces, and ask repeatedly, “How? Why? and What?!”

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