We Need a President. Please Retweet.
Dave Pell

When things are at there worst for other people, I usually tell them that whatever is must be or it wouldn’t be. Now that something really bad is happening and it includes me as a member of a group, I think we must all own this situation — in that America has been interfering, riding rough shod, being colonialist assholes in every hemisphere in every 3rd world country, in all the little countries w/o effective governments and militaries to defend themselves for so long, it may just be time for us to get our comeuppance. I don’t mean to sound glib or dismissive about this but We did elect an asshole that refuses to assemble a functioning government, we did elect a political party that for the last 8 years has done nothing but obstruct to the point it has become a dysfunctional institution. We did all this — we allowed it to happen — either that or our system of government no longer works. Either way, we deserve all this shit because we made it all happen. In other words we are not some kind of National Victim. The planet is made in our image now, by our will. If this is the end of history, we made it so. I just don’t know what other words to use here. We fucked the world in every way while the majority of us went about our lives buying things, being entertained, getting educations, making money — being good little consumers blissfully unaware what our Government was doing in our name. Well, now ( most of us ) have woken up and it is just too late. The rest of the planet has been waiting for the day that George Miniford would get his comeuppance and that day has come.

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