It’s all in the Metrics: 2018 Year in Review

Jan 18, 2019 · Unlisted

At Babyscripts, we love data. Here is a review of some of the metrics we care about.

Last year, our company hit a significant milestone — we reached one million screen views of our clinically-approved mobile app (actually, over 2.7 million views but who’s counting). With an average session length of 2.5 minutes, that translates to an estimated 19,000 hours spent in the app — precious time busy women and working moms have dedicated to empowering themselves with knowledge about their health and pregnancy.

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As we popped champagne and celebrated, we took the time to reminisce on the achievements we made in just one year. We’ve expanded our footprint from 8 to 20 states, allowing us to reach five times as many OBGYN practices, birth centers, and clinics as the year before. Along the way, we launched two new products and have seen over 2500% growth in the number of patients who can access our platform.

In July 2018, Babyscripts acquired the leading prenatal app company, iBirth. The year was filled with several other proud accomplishments, including:

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  • Expanding our Spanish patient base by 1000%.
  • Implementing our Population Health module designed specifically for payers. We’ve already seen tremendous success thus far related to outcomes and operational efficiencies — we’ve reduced the time to enroll by 99%!
  • Partnering with two electronic medical record systems to allow for a seamless patient onboarding workflow. Through this integration, over 600 patients were invited onto the platform in just one day!

As we start the new year invigorated and inspired by our health care partners and patients, our focus will remain in three areas:

  • Launching personalized, engaging content to delight our patients and guide each and every one throughout her pregnancy and beyond.
  • Building new products to extend our reach to every pregnant mom, no matter her health profile.
  • Aligning with strategic partners to build the market’s most extensive, clinically-validated virtual care obstetrics platform to support holistic care for mothers in pregnancy and postpartum.
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Justina Tong
Director of Customer Operations and Patient Services at Babyscripts

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