Village Obstetrics brings Babyscripts to Patients

WASHINGTON, D.C. [09/02/2016] — New York City’s Village Obstetrics and Village Maternity will begin offering Babyscripts™ mobile app and “Mommy Kit” as a way to extend their round-the-clock care and guidance to expectant mothers.

“We are enthusiastic about offering Babyscripts™ because our focus is on providing the best concierge care in Manhattan, both in and out of our office. This program enables us give our patients convenient access to all of our educational content and support and the ability to take vital measurements from the comfort of their home, all while reflecting their desire for convenience and up-the-moment technology. The app is truly our app, customized with our recommendations for a safe, healthy, and minimally invasive pregnancy experience,” said Village Obstetrics’ Dr. Jaqueline Worth.

Babyscripts™ is working to improve the quality of pregnancy care beyond the OB office visit. Village Obstetrics believes that immediate easy access of patients to their doctors translates into the best pregnancy outcomes with the highest patient satisfaction, and with Babyscripts™, can increase communication between patient and provider. Babyscripts™ uses insights and advice approved by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to support patients combined with Village Obstetrics’ proprietary clinical education.

The Mommy Kit is composed of an iPhone app, wireless weight scale and wireless blood pressure cuff. Mothers can use these devices to send health data remotely and securely to their health care provider, providing additional flexibility and transparency between moms and clinical teams. The Babyscripts™ app also delivers evidence-based guidelines approved by the patient’s obstetrician in the form of daily nutritional, medical and lifestyle action items.

Juan Pablo Segura, co-founder/CFO of Babyscripts™, said, “Village Obstetrics’ approach to patient care is philosophically the same as ours and we are very enthusiastic about our partnership. The combination of provider support, technological support, and highly accessible education about nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, travel, and services help to answer an expectant mom’s questions any time of day, giving her peace of mind, a more comprehensive care plan, and better preparation for appointments and delivery.”

Anish Sebastian, co-founder/CEO of Babyscripts™, said, “Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli of Village Obstetrics are committed to providing an unparalleled, satisfying, and safe pregnancy experience to their patients. Babyscripts™ is delighted to be a new part of their practice to provide more touchpoints between their patients and themselves. Patients can rest assured because Village Obstetrics’ thoughtful and unique education is available to them whenever they need.”

Dr. George Mussalli said “We pride ourselves on understanding our patients’ needs and providing them materials like our proprietary roadmap, essential readings, and our recommendations for a safe and enjoyable pregnancy. To now have all of this information easily referenceable in our app through Babyscripts™, in addition to the Mommy Kit which will help us monitor our patients’ health between appointments, will greatly enhance our mission to provide exceptional care in Manhattan.”

Babyscripts™ is a new model for prenatal care that is transforming the way expectant mothers use technology to work with their OB practice. It’s the first mobile, clinical solution to provide remote monitoring of an obstetrician’s patient population while directly improving patient satisfaction and practice reimbursement.

For more information about Babyscripts™, contact Lee Schneider, communications director at Red Cup Agency:; 424–265–6047.

For more information about Village Obstetrics, contact Lina Rugova, manager at Village Obstetrics:; 212–721–2229

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