I have only two resolutions… And I am not going to share them

In Zora mode…“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

This my dears, will be an answer year, as was 2017. In 2017 I answered my life by being more present. Reaching for the high bar. Spending time with splendid people, being splendid. I found a lot of myself in 2017; loving myself in grander and deliberate ways. I met myself in friendships, social gatherings, parties, galas, and intimate conversations with my Sistah-Gurls-SQUAD into the wee hours sitting by the fire on the big sectional in my living room drinking good ass wine. I found myself where I live.

Oh, and the unboyfriend… Who was here all the time… I just looked up one day and met his gaze. I want for nothing in this friendship. He gives of his time and attention. I’ve never had that.

Anyway, I have two resolutions that I am not sharing. I am just going to go about the business of doing them and see how far I get this time next year.

Watch Me… I Got Soul… And I’m Super Bad