What’s in your Backpak?

My co-founders, Matt, Kilim, and I met at UC Berkeley in 2010. We were studying Computer Science and over time Matt and I bonded over our mutual love for gaming. I was really into PC games like Mass Effect, Dark Souls, and Borderlands at the time, while Matt loved discovering mobile games always recommending cool new games for me to try out.

As time went on we found that out that one of the most common topics of conversation were about what games we played and later what STUFF we (and the friends we respected) used on a daily basis.

Knowing what someone uses on their life journey adds a new dimension to your relationships. We wanted to create one central place where we could find WHAT our friends were using conveniently in a fun and simple way . We found it especially curious because these same friends loved talking about their stuff, most of the time more than they did talking about themselves (which is amazing if you really think about it).

Finding out what sorts of headphones certain audiophile friends of ours were using, what books have become apart of certain friend’s matra, and finding what sorts of clothes or music your stylish friends swear by became something that we wanted to make simple and and easy to express. Furthermore aggregating sourced material on what celebrities and influencers had admitted they loved to use became an endeavor we became committed to working on as well.

The things we use tell us alot more then how simply choose to spend our money, they tell us how we choose deal with life, which is one of the most powerful statements a person can make. And if you can inspect what equipment players in MMORPGs use, why not be able to see what friends have equipped in real life?

We’ve had a great experience with Backpak so far so much so that we’ve become addicted to it. We’re super excited it’s future as an honest to goodness source for seeing what people use.

Stay tuned. We have some really cool stuff on the way.