My Friend and I React to Lisa Frank’s Facebook Posts Part 4: #squadgoals

We love Lisa Frank and I tag my friend in all the image posts and then we talk about them.

LF’s Post:

How the post made us feel:

IMAN: The most beautiful discovery that I have made is that I will never grow because I smoke cigarettes.

NINI: I am the purple cat bc it has more supple double chin. That’s my discovery. And that my bangs look best dried under a hand dryer after running through a hail storm.


IMAN: I prefer to call my double chin my jowels.

NINI: Pat, I’d like to buy a jowel.

IMAN: AHAHAHA Pat I’d like to get rid of my jowels who’s your doctor

NINI: Pat, you’re like 90 but dont look a day over 65. Who does your Botox

IMAN: Also do you believe the most beautiful discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Let’s attack that head on. First off, I love that she says it’s the most beautiful discovery. Not most important. Not most wonderful. Beautiful. Because Lisa Frank believes in beauty. Rainbow unicorn covered beauty. Do you think people loved rainbow unicorns this much before Lisa frank?

NINI: She chose beauty bc in this #blessed obsessed world, that’s what matters. #truebeauty the beauty of friendship…and feminine hygiene products.

NINI: I feel like here LF is telling us that one of her friends violated #girlcode somehow but is trying to be subtle and not blow up the spot of someone we don’t know but she is clearly pouring her heart out.

IMAN: Like, her squad doesn’t understand her. And she doesn’t understand that we are her #squad.

NINI: She has like, the wrong #squadgoals. If she had the right #squadgoals she’d be drinking #rosé with us on a patio or rooftop somewhere while we all wear #sunnies and have a #blessed day.

IMAN: I just wish for the world that we would all wise up and ask ourselves, “What would Lisa Frank do?” And you know what the answer would always be? Put a bow on it...

NINI: Put an acid stamp on it (your tongue)

IMAN: …There’s actually another post of hers that I almost picked that said “You’re never fully dressed without a bow.” And I can’t imagine putting a bow on it…Like I’m presenting to a client with a giant LF bow. Is that a power move or career suicide? I reckon everyone has to have their thing. Maybe that should be mine. Sorry did you say something I was looking at an internet video of Lenny Kravitz’ dong. I feel like we have LF and other suffragettes to thank for the abundance of dong slips this year. I’ve seen nary a nip slip but at least two celebrity dongs. It feels good to be on the other side of objectification praise be to Lisa Frank.

NINI: I don’t even know what to say. But I do think we’re in too much reverse objectification.

IMAN: Wait which way is reverse.

NINI: Too much Pantene and Always telling us how important it is to be ourselves. I can’t stand that shit. It’s a trend. Same way it’s trendy to be the “token female creative.” It’s so transparent.

IMAN: Yeah well we get to also be token minority female creatives. So quit bitching, we are still unicorns.

NINI: Whatever. You know what I’m saying. But yes at the end of the day it is great to be beautiful.

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