My Friend and I React To Lisa Frank’s Facebook Posts Part 6: Basic With a Twist

We love Lisa Frank and I tag my friend in all the image posts and then we talk about them.

LF’s Post:

How the post made us feel:

NINI: I thought macarons WERE cookies tho. So be different but like, not that different. She’s being very realistic and sensible. This is good advice. I’m saying macaron because that’s what she means. Apparently, macaron v. macaroon is very heated subject that the internet gets real serious about.

IMAN: Wait what is the difference? I don’t like the sound of macaron.

NINI: Yes it is less fun to say with an American accent.

IMAN: Theres something vaguely racisty about it. I mean not really racist but like maybe.

NINI: A macaroon is made with coconut, and a macaron is made with almond.

IMAN: Ahhhhhh.

NINI: A macaroon is more cakey, a macaron is meringue-based, two halves are fluffy made with almond and commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam.

IMAN: Wow who cares hahahaha

NINI: From one pic, a macaron is “made from angels’ tears (and almond meal) by unicorn foals” and a macaroon is “made from desiccated coconut by your grandmother.”

There is the photo of the two. It’s like “impossible beauty standards” but for frilly desserts. One is so pretty, thin and from heaven the other one is gross, fat and from your grandma.

IMAN: Hahahahaha. I think LF is trolling us. This one is like, “I know what will wind them up.” Also a dog should not be anywhere near that chocolate, right? WHY IS THAT DOG COURTING DANGER SO HARD

NINI: She is trolling us so hard. That dog is like “I cant see colors! Why am I in this LF world?” How boring for him.

IMAN: Isn’t chocolate bad for dogs. Seriously is that an old wives tale?

NINI: I think chocolate is like deadly for dogs?

IMAN: Also “Old Wives” or “Old Wife’s” tale

NINI: Wives

IMAN: Like your former wife or a bunch of old wives

NINI: Or your current wife who is old or the ol’ wife

IMAN: Or a bunch of former wifes

NINI: The ol’ ball and chain’s tales

IMAN: Hahaha Ye olde wife

NINI: LOL She’s just senile! That old bat. Making up tales. There she goes again with her stories. Women don’t make equal pay Dogs die if you give them chocolate

IMAN: You know what I really appreciate about this?

NINI: What

IMAN: She is basically like kinda basic herself but also not, and I think she’s basically saying that in a basic world be less basic. Basically.

NINI: Have your pumpkin spice with some bourbon.

IMAN: Yeah girl, basic with a twist. Like a macaron is a cookie with a twist. Be a cookie with a twist.

NINI: But don’t forget that you should above all else not steer too far from being a cookie lest you end up cake-y, like the macaroon. She wants us to succeed, but to avoid too many road blocks. Be different enough to get ahead. But not so different that people start to hate how special you are.

IMAN: Avoid the path of least resistance, but don’t look the easy choice in the mouth.

NINI: Take the road less travelled, once it’s got some of those worn-in dirt foot paths from a few people walking on it.

IMAN: But also, that dog is in so much danger. I really can’t deal.

NINI: That dog is dead already. That’s a taxidermied dog.

IMAN: Dude, if that’s a dog haunting that picture I can’t deal.

NINI: What’s worse is that it looks like a puppy, not a dog.

IMAN: A puppy ghost is the only way a puppy is not cute. We should do one of these on mushrooms once.

NINI: I haven’t tripped since the Gators won a basketball championship in…whatever year that was while I was in school. And the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at Universal Studios.

IMAN: The last time I did was in Thailand.

NINI: Oh wow.

IMAN: Yeah during an epic breakup.


IMAN: Yeah I like to play with fire.

NINI: Either you play with fire or you’re a wet blanket.

IMAN: Hahaha, I think that’s what this post is all about. That’s whats great about this by talking these to death we finally come around to where we started. Wait where did we start?

NINI: Hahahahahaha. We started with desserts and have discovered we are modern-day philosophers, obviously going to change the world. You know what is interesting: we were saying LF is telling us to be a cookie with a twist. This is so AMERICAN. BE AN INDIVIDUAL. JUST DO YOU. FUCK IT. I think that’s what’s wrong with everything. That people think they are special.

IMAN: But some of us ARE special. That ghost puppy for example.

NINI: He’s special bc he can eat chocolate. Because hes already dead. The comments on this one were funny. Someone was like okay but these look like ice cream sandwiches.

IMAN: Hahahaha I think they’re overthinking it