Bad Bunnies Briefer — Issue #4: CARATZ and Staking

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5 min readDec 17, 2021


A quick chat about about $CRTZ…

Bunny Burrow Staking

As promised, Bad Bunnies NFT intends to deliver big in the digital space for all our patient NFT HODLers. We finally have an implementation of a token system that we believe will work for the present and for years to come!

In order to deliver properly, our token needed to have utility, value, and long term returns for our HODLers, such that there was a reason you want to stake and have your bunnies for the long haul. Before we could figure out what use $CRTZ will serve with our initial offering, we first had to determine how you accrue them.


$CRTZ (CARATZ) tally up daily. There are several criteria for which you gain $CRTZ each day that boil down into two simple categories:

  1. Total Bunnies Staked — Based on total number of bunnies a wallet stakes in the Bunny Burrow.
  2. Per Bunny Tier — The “Tier” trait of each individual bunny staked.
Tiers as seen on official collection.

1. Total Bunnies staked

The number of Bunnies in a wallet that are staked accrue the following to that wallet:

Thug (1–5 total bunnies in wallet): 0.25 caratz per day

Made Bun (6–10 total bunnies in wallet): 2 caratz per day

Bruiser (11–20 total bunnies in wallet): 3 caratz per day

Bigwig (21–30 total bunnies in wallet): 5 caratz per day

Lieutenant (31+ total bunnies in wallet): 8 caratz per day

Each of these ranks is a one-to-one carbon copy of what we use in Discord. While verifying for this role in Discord will not get you caratz, we plan to use a similar method of verifying your wallet and checking for the number of staked bunnies in order to determine your “rank” and pay out $CRTZ.

The Discord roles tie in simply helps us to track you visually within our community. We also plan to incentivize ranks even further in the future! Participating in our Discord and community actively will keep you afloat on these offerings, so definitely get involved.

2. $CRTZ per Bunny tier

Each staked Bunny’s ‘Tier’ Trait accrues the following to the wallet which staked it:

Buck 1: 0.25 caratz per day

Buck 2: 0.5 caratz per day

Bouncer 1: 0.75 caratz per day

Bouncer 2: 1 caratz per day

Bruiser 1: 1.25 caratz per day

Bruiser 2: 1.5 caratz per day

Bigwig 1: 1.75 caratz per day

Bigwig 2: 2 caratz per day

CAPO Card: 3 caratz per day

Unique Bunnies: 3 caratz per day (See our ‘Uniques’ below)

Every individual bunny you stake will accrue the values listed on its own merit based on which Tier it falls into.

Example wallet:

5 bunnies staked (earns Thug rank): one Buck 1, two Buck 2, one Bruiser 2, and one Bigwig 2.

Thug’s earn 1 $CRTZ per day for staking between 1 and 5 total bunnies.

One Buck 1 earns 0.25 $CRTZ

Two Buck 2 earns (0.5 x 2) or 1 $CRTZ

One Bruiser 2 earns 1.5 $CRTZ

One Bigwig 2 earns 2 $CRTZ

Per day totals for this example wallet: 0.25 + 1 + 1 + 1.5 + 2 = 5.75 $CRTZ daily.

Bad Bunnies NFT ‘unique’ cards from the original 5500 collection
Blad the Impaler from our Bad Bunnies Originals collection is also unique!

Payout of Earnings

Once you’ve accrued the $CRTZ, you need to be paid out. However, just because you’ve been earning $CRTZ on a daily basis, doesn’t mean we are paying those out daily.

In order to receive payment of $CRTZ, you must have your bunnies staked up and through our official payment periods. Whether this is monthly, every 2 months, every 6 months, or even weekly, your payment is received as long as your bunnies are staked when we take tally to pay out.

What this means:

  • If you remove a bunny from staking prior to the snapshot period, you get nothing. If we pay out weekly and you had bunnies staked for 6 days and pull out prior to snapshot on day 7, you will not receive anything!
  • If you stake a bunny for 2 days prior to the period, you will only receive the 2 day accrual amount, not the total for an entire period! Using the example of weekly, you will not receive 7 days worth of $CRTZ for only staking 2 of those days. You will receive 2 days worth.

We will announce the staking payout periods upon final delivery of our solution.

Spending $CRTZ

Many of our ideas moving forward will be based on using our $CRTZ system. Some of the things you can look forward to spending on:

  1. Buying into Whitelists and minting for future offerings that are more exclusive than just bunny ownership!
  2. $CRTZ themselves will have their own market value. They will be a buy/sell commodity in their own right.
  3. Match Fixing (evolution/breeding mechanic): Pay $CRTZ to change your NFT’s traits/assets. You could roll a rare never before seen trait and make your NFT into a 1-of-1! Having this capability is akin to minting a rare NFT via breeding in other projects.
  4. Voting on collaborations and events as a member of our Bunny DAO. If there is an event or collaboration you want to see, you can present the idea by paying $CRTZ. When another member puts an idea up for discussion you can vote for or against the proposal with $CRTZ. You have a say in our direction.
  5. Digital TCG currency. This will be for in-game mechanics, upgrades, etc.

These are just some of the many concepts we plan to introduce in order to use your $CRTZ. While all of the fine details are still being hashed out, you can bet your bad little tails that we will be making it worth your time.

As always, if you have questions, please contact @HavntBegun2Peak on twitter or in Discord. Happy to be of service to my fellow and prospective buns.

Stay Bad, bunnies.

~ Peak, Pooplii, dub & c4nopener

Shoutout to Satman.eth for his enormous contributions to this effort.



Bad Bunnies NFT

Only 5500 Bad Bunnies will be released from captivity. Bail is set at 0.0275 ETH. Bail out your bunnies to create your crew 🤘