Bad Bunnies Briefer — Issue #4: CARATZ and Staking

Bunny Burrow Staking

  1. Total Bunnies Staked — Based on total number of bunnies a wallet stakes in the Bunny Burrow.
  2. Per Bunny Tier — The “Tier” trait of each individual bunny staked.
Tiers as seen on official collection.

1. Total Bunnies staked

2. $CRTZ per Bunny tier

Example wallet:

Bad Bunnies NFT ‘unique’ cards from the original 5500 collection
Blad the Impaler from our Bad Bunnies Originals collection is also unique!

Payout of Earnings

  • If you remove a bunny from staking prior to the snapshot period, you get nothing. If we pay out weekly and you had bunnies staked for 6 days and pull out prior to snapshot on day 7, you will not receive anything!
  • If you stake a bunny for 2 days prior to the period, you will only receive the 2 day accrual amount, not the total for an entire period! Using the example of weekly, you will not receive 7 days worth of $CRTZ for only staking 2 of those days. You will receive 2 days worth.

Spending $CRTZ

  1. Buying into Whitelists and minting for future offerings that are more exclusive than just bunny ownership!
  2. $CRTZ themselves will have their own market value. They will be a buy/sell commodity in their own right.
  3. Match Fixing (evolution/breeding mechanic): Pay $CRTZ to change your NFT’s traits/assets. You could roll a rare never before seen trait and make your NFT into a 1-of-1! Having this capability is akin to minting a rare NFT via breeding in other projects.
  4. Voting on collaborations and events as a member of our Bunny DAO. If there is an event or collaboration you want to see, you can present the idea by paying $CRTZ. When another member puts an idea up for discussion you can vote for or against the proposal with $CRTZ. You have a say in our direction.
  5. Digital TCG currency. This will be for in-game mechanics, upgrades, etc.




Only 5500 Bad Bunnies will be released from captivity. Bail is set at 0.055 ETH. Bail out your bunnies to create your crew 🤘

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Bad Bunnies NFT

Bad Bunnies NFT

Only 5500 Bad Bunnies will be released from captivity. Bail is set at 0.055 ETH. Bail out your bunnies to create your crew 🤘

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