Bad Bunnies PAW WARZ Spell Breakdown

Bad Bunnies NFT
5 min readFeb 28, 2023

In the Genesis collection of Bad Bunnies PAW WARZ, players have access to an impressive array of spells to unleash upon their opponents. Whether you prefer a more defensive or aggressive approach, there’s a spell for everyone in this collection.

Draw 2 Cards (Costs 2 Gas)

A definite and necessary addition to your deck if you want to maintain tempo. Simply play to draw two new cards to your deck. Costs 0 Gas.

Ghostrider Gas

This card is a valuable asset in any game, as it allows you to reduce the gas cost of all cards in your hand to 3. With a gas cost of 0 itself, this card is especially useful in both early and late game scenarios. In the late game, you can play up to 27 gas worth of cards instead of just 9, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents. Costs 0 Gas.

Trap: Pitfall

If you’re serious about protecting your Boss in the game, you’ll need to have some traps at your disposal. One of the most effective types of traps is the pitfall, which is capable of putting a bunny 6 ft under when triggered. Costs 2 Gas.

Trap: Snare

Looking for an effective way to catch rabbits? Consider using a rabbit snare! Simply set the snare and wait patiently for your prey to fall into your trap to be flung all the way to the graveyard. Costs 2 Gas.

Trap: Switch Sides

Loyalty is fleeting. Lay a trap that relies purely on greed with Switch Sides. This clever card entices an enemy bunny or crew to switch sides and join your team. Costs 2 Gas.


Looking to give your crew the extra punch they need to take down the enemy Boss? Look no further than Airdrop. This powerful card allows you to parachute in a third bunny to join the attack, surprising your opponents and delivering even more damage. With Airdrop, you can turn the tables on your opponents and secure your path to victory. Costs 2 Gas.

Badidass Big Hoppers

Looking for a way to catch your opponents off-guard and seize control of the game? Look no further than Big Hopper. This powerful spell allows you to take one of your bunnies on the flank and launch them over an entire space, landing them directly on the enemy Boss. With a move like that, your opponents won’t know what hit them. Costs 4 Gas.


Is an enemy bunny or crew threatening to harm your Boss and derail your plans for victory? Take control of the situation with Undermine. This powerful card will send your opponents back to their owner’s hand, effectively neutralizing their threat and buying you valuable time to regroup and plan your next move. Costs 4 Gas.

Bodyguard: Guardian 3000

Looking to bolster your Boss’s defenses and keep them safe from harm? Look no further than the Bodyguard card. For just 4 Gas, you can add this powerful healing card to your arsenal and increase your Boss’s hit points. With a Bodyguard at your side, you can rest easy knowing that your Boss is protected from harm. Costs 4 Gas.

Carrot Launcher

Looking for a powerful weapon to take down your opponents in style? Look no further than the Carrot Launcher. With its impressive 20 damage output, you can fire carrots at your target from a safe distance, leaving them no chance to retaliate. Costs 5 Gas.

Bodyguard: Black Paw Contractor

Are you in need of a top-tier bodyguard to ensure your Boss’s safety in even the most dangerous situations? Look no further than Black Paw, the premier Black Ops mercenary firm. Our highly trained and skilled operatives are the best in the business, ready to protect you at all costs (well 5 anyway). Costs 5 Gas.

Bodyguard: Sicario

Down Méjico way you’ll find the loyal and fearless Sicarios ready to put their lives on the line for their Boss. But don’t wait too long to play or you’ll find this bunny down in the clubs sinking many cervaza. Costs 6 Gas.

Bunny Team-3

As the gangs engage in a fierce battle, the expert Bunny Team-3 swiftly infiltrates and delivers a powerful blow of 30 damage to the enemy boss. Their swift retreat leaves no trace, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust. Costs 6 Gas.

Frank’s Floor Cleaner

Frank know how hard can be keep floors clean. That’s why Frank proud offer you powerful floor cleaner. Work on any surface, removing even the toughest buns. Costs 8 Gas.

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