Thursday Throw Down: Week Two

Kev Massing

The lack of entertaining Thursday night games has been a noticeable trend in the NFL over the last few years. With most Thursday games showing exclusively on the NFL Network, casual fans must brave the chaos of half priced happy hour and screaming children at their local wing joint.

With winter looming, the idea of this series is to help one decide if the weekly Thursday game will be worth risking a Friday morning hangover.

Week 2: Texans vs. Bengals

Both teams got off to a rocky start in the first week of the 2017 season. Andy Dalton threw four interceptions en route to a 20–0 shutout loss at the hands of the rival Ravens. Many expected a bounce back year from Dalton, though you won’t hear them admitting it now. 
 If Bengals fans are frustrated with quarterback inconsistencies, they’ll get no sympathy from Texan fans. A mere 31 plays into the season, and allegedly offensive minded head coach Bill O’Brien pulls his starter for First round pick Deshaun Watson. Standing alone, this isn’t that bizarre. However when you look at O’Brien’s tenure in Houston, and add to this his announcement that he may not select this week’s starter until kickoff, one has to question how long coach will have his job.

My Advice

Skip it. Unless you are a fan of either team, there is really no reason to tune in this evening. Both teams come into this game feeling down from last week, so a hard fought game can be anticipated, just not one worth watching. 
 Each team will likely rely on defense to keep them in the game. With quarterback issues on both sides, this will be a slow paced game hardly worth watching even with players on your fantasy roster.

Who wins

We’ve come this far, so we might as well figure out who wins this thing. In a game the looks like a round of horse between placekickers, the Texans win 19–13.

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