Unemployment Journal — Day 9 and 10

Taking flight.

My routine is breaking down still further, but this time it would seem to be a good thing. I have to spend most of the next three weeks in the air. So far:

Sunday (fly out in the evening)-Tuesday: Raleigh. Interview (one company)

Wednesday: New Jersey, NYC area. Interview (tentative)(I also have a Skype interview that day with a different company, which I may have to reschedule/cancel)

Thursday-Friday: Naples, FL. Interview (one company).

The following week I’m going to California for six days, taking advantage of this down time to visit my brother and his family. I don’t get to see my nieces nearly often enough.

This job hunt thing is going surprisingly better than planned. It looks like I’m going to be leaving Cincinnati sooner rather than later.

As I said in previous installments, I’m in the medical device industry. Cincinnati has an okay medical device presence, but not a huge one. I’ve been looking for a good permanent position for the last few years, and I had always assumed that I would have to relocate. I was getting comfortable with that meaning someplace cold like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Boston, or even Warsaw, Indiana; while hoping for someplace warmer.

And yet, now, something warmer is what I’m looking at. Raleigh, Naples (FL) are the top two; with SC still on the radar.

I’m a little far away from packing my swim trunks just yet, however. I have to go down there and close the deal. I picked up my suit from the dry cleaners today; and I’m sitting in a coffee shop waiting to get a touch-up to my beard trim. I’ve got a lot of interview prep stuff to do before I take flight Sunday afternoon, so I’d better get to it.

Over the last few years I’ve been close to full-time employment, but I’ve consistently fallen short. I’m not sure why. In June I interviewed for a full time job at a company I had previously contracted for, and I thought the job was a slam dunk. It wasn’t; within a week of being on site I was rejected for the three jobs I was being considered for. I’ve had several other in-person interviews, and none of them have paid off.

I think part of the problem is I never took them that seriously. Sure, I wore a suit and tried to maintain a demeanor of professional enthusiasm throughout, but that wasn’t enough. I didn’t research the people I was meeting with. I didn’t come off enthusiastic enough, or knowledgeable enough.

Regulatory affairs is a big field, with a whole lot to learn; the industry has to be used to professionals dropping in from other jobs not knowing the particular rules and regs that govern that part of the industry very well. I need to be able to show I can learn new material fast and well. If I can’t be bothered to learn much about the interviewers or the company before my interview, can I be bothered to learn much after I get the job?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s too risky to onboard someone under those circumstances. So lately I’ve been upping my game, taking the applications and the phone interviews more seriously and doing the homework. I’ve read a bunch of online resources on how to act during those calls, and here I am, about to get on a few planes.

I’m going to keep this up. This weekend is mostly going to be about preparing for these in-person interviews. Hopefully that will get me to the next, or even final, step.

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you all posted.

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