Very first time on

When I asked my friend about best blogging platform, he quickly told me about and mentioned that isn’t just bloggin platform — it’s whole community which is well educated, polite and friendly.

Badcars office

I’ve decided to try. Try whole site and you guys. Let’s start with the whole medium app (you can called it website, but it is something more). is very intuitive, whole registaration and configuration process took me about 5 minutes. And I’m not another “IT guy”. My profession are oldfashioned cars — not computers. Anyway, everyting was suprisingly easy.

Now, I’m writing this post and… find a way to do it wasn’t so complicated as well. Adding photo above — piece of cake. And to sum up — good job guys :)

What about community? I can’t say to much… I’m new here and it has to last some time before I say anything about you.

A little piece of warehouse

Like I said — I’m new here. So… Hello! I’m Piotr (Yeah, I’m from Poland), I’m running a Badcar Company — We’are handling with car engines wholesale, we are replacing engines in customers cars, we can find any engine you can imagine. And that’s all — simple company owner who do what he likes — I hope we can enjoy each other company. Cheers!

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