Winner of NCS Mission San Jose High School in California (photo courtesy of Danae and Danice Long)

Family-like Bonding, Hard Work, and Respect for Others. Mission San Jose Won 12 Consecutive NCS Titles

BY Kota Morikawa

North Coast Section (NCS), one of 10 sections for high school badminton in California, saw a 12-year winning streak accomplished by Mission San Jose High School in 2015 season with 48 points over second place, James Logan High School. Here are players’ comments on the victory and achievement.

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“Being a part of the team this year has brought me close bonds with people, which were more important to me than any medal or anything else I could have earned. Our constant hangouts after practice or games are the things that I’ll remember the most, along with seeing everyone’s hard work paid off and giving it their all.” — Jim Ouyang, 11

“My experience with the team this year was truly a remarkable one. We encountered our usual competitive success, breaking the record for the most consecutive NCS championships in our league. However, what stood out was what our team was able to accomplish off the court. Despite a largely talented but inexperienced incoming freshman class, the team was as close as it has ever been in recent years. From the leadership down, the program was held together by its perseverance optimism and tight camaraderie. By the end of the year, the players were a family that played and sacrificed for one another. As a senior of this team, it made me feel at ease passing the baton to such capable hands.” — Jesse Lu, 12

(photo courtesy of Danae and Danice Long)

“Mission Badminton is not a team, it’s a family. Built on the concept of CANI, or Constant And Never-ending Improvement, Mission Badminton is a group of some of the hardest working individuals I have met. Being a part of the team has taught me more than just badminton. My experiences with the team have taught me important life lessons and helped me mature as a person. In retrospect, joining Mission Badminton was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.” — Alan Chuang, 11

(photo courtesy of Danae and Danice Long)

“Out of the years I have played with the team, I think this year was the most memorable. Not only because we won 12 years for NCS, but also because of the bonds made during season. Although season was short and many of the people who joined this year were new, many of us bonded fairly quickly and became close friends. Every practice this year was energetic and something to look forward to. Despite practice being intense, we would always have fun while working together. Even though our coach, Ambrish Batheja, is retiring after this year, I know our team will continue to work hard and do its best.” — Kevin Nguyen, 11

(photo courtesy of Danae and Danice Long)

Being a part of the MSJ Badminton team has changed my life in ways I would not have expected. Aside from improving my athletic skills, the team has created an unique dynamic that is unrivaled in any other school activity. The badminton team creates a support group that functions through teamwork and dedication to our coach, the sport and each other. The members of this team treat each other like family and have helped me realize the potential of human love and kindness. I’ve made lots of good friends through badminton, and these friendships and relationships will last me a lifetime. Being a team captain has aided me in learning how to deal with responsibility and leadership. Joining the team was the best decision of my life, as it has helped me become mature, created lifelong relationships, and changed my perspective on the world.” — Angela Zhang, 12

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