Team members of Moreau Catholic High School badminton. Coach Abigail Bautista is far right. (Photo Courtesy of Abigail Bautista)

Moreau Catholic High School, Northern California (North Coast Section) Division II Winner

High School badminton in San Francisco Bay Area is competitive. The North Coast Section (NCS), one of 10 sections in California, has two competitive divisions. Abigail Bautista, coach of Division 2 winner Moreau Catholic High School, wrote us about the school’s victory.

by Abigail Bautista

The 2015 Moreau Catholic Badminton team finally fulfilled its promise to win the NCS small school Championship. Last year’s 3rd place win only served to whet the appetite of a team ready to win.

The dominance of Ashwin Narkar (’15) in the Men’s Singles and the Girls’ Doubles team of Mary Jane Perdiguerra (’15) and Bernadette Perenne (’16) led the way. Narkar continued his stellar performance without dropping a game in tournaments in the last two years to wrap up a stellar NCS career. The the newly combined team of Perdiguerra and Perenne fulfilled their promise of winning the doubles title by beating the defending champs, Cecilia Zhou/Alana Koscove (University) and the other University pair in the finals, Sara Li/Caroline Sheng (University).

The two Men’s Doubles teams were of great help by adding to team points when Justing Liang (’15) and Johnny Hua (’15) placed 3rd and Jedison Dones (’15) and Tyler Soriano (’16) placed 4th.

The Moreau Catholic team will also raise the 2015 Scholastic Team banner next to last year’s as they follow in step with the famed Mission San Jose Team, who also won both Team Championships and the scholastic banners these last five years.