WhatsApp for Business Communication

Whatsapp for Business

Today, a business needs to be available on all communication channels with customers. Some customers like to use the sleek app, some are comfortable with the email & SMS and a few prefer calling. But a lot of customers are now finding it convenient to send their orders/requests on Whatsapp.

Let’s see why other channels are losing ground to WhatsApp?

Email — Once a very popular medium, email has been heavily abused now by spammers. Even fake customer queries are very common using Email, as real identity can be hidden. It’s also inconvenient to use on smartphone, which is a de-facto device for most customers today.

SMS & phone call– There is a cost to message or call. Also, you can’t send media files like photo of your shopping list. A call can be missed by company, if there is inadequate number of phones and operators are busy. Service on phone call, is restricted by working hours of company.

App — The cost of building and marketing a new app is huge and returns on investment take a long time! With more than 20 million apps available online, people have lost the craze of downloading new apps. By default, there are already 40–50 popular apps everyone has on their phone. So, new app download means slowing down the phone & learning another app UI. Also, if you are an emerging business, then people doubt if your app accesses personal data from the phone.

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