WhatsApp for Business Communication

Customer service is key function in every business. However, a conventional customer service comes at a significant cost. A typical customer helpdesk has one or many phones to attend the call. With every phone, there is a cost of attending it. You don’t want your customer to get an engage tone or a missed call. And still, many companies end up doing a restricted hours support (e.g. Monday-Friday 10am-6pm), based on the team’s availability. If you are looking for round the clock support, then the customer service cost multiplies.

This cost becomes a challenge for small and medium sector businesses like food ordering, real estate, consultants, hotels, e-commerce, startups, hospitals, service stations, customer care centers and many more.

Why WhatsApp?
Automated customer service using Email and SMS were good alternatives till recently, to reduce cost. However, thanks to advent of messengers like WhatsApp, telegram etc. customers are shying away from emails and SMS. WhatsApp which is a free messenger — has over 1 billon active users as of today. An average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times in a day. It supports text as well as media like images etc. and very quick and convenient to use. You can handle all your customers virtually on a single phone device using WhatsApp. No question of engaged or missed call!

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