Online tendencies: the sites that describe my definition of Journalism

As an aspiring journalist, the attempt to strive for fairness — to understand the potential goods people protect and promote and to understand their viewpoints concerning controversial issues is critical.

Consuming news media on Reddit, whether it’s to garner breaking news, or view the opinions of others, it’s a great start. Reddit, despite previous assertions that stated otherwise, doesn’t actually take stances.

The website advocates fairness and free speech in every sense of the word and the thousands upon thousands of subreddits reflect that. Each subreddit is catered to a specific topic, point or discussion — and posts on that specific subreddit subsequently revolve around that main idea.

One can visit the website, go to /r/conservative, and find the content that they’re looking for. Or perhaps they can visit /r/liberal for the other side of the coin. For specific news, /r/worldnews is the best subreddit to find breaking stories. It’s comprised of your typical web-reporting, with content that can be posted by anyone to promote conversation. If news doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you can look up content related to video games, animation, music, religion and much more. The website itself is rather simple, aesthetically-speaking. And upon making an account, one can easily filter out subreddits they frequent with subreddits they don’t. To me, Reddit is essentially a medium for younger generations to voice their opinions on anything they’d like to discuss online — and it’s well appreciated.

Other websites that have been in my recent history includes The New York Times, and The Odyssey. NYT has become my second go-to place for recent and breaking news due to the site’s ease of use and wonderful aesthetics with black and white flair reminiscent of an actual newspaper.

The Odyssey is a website that advocates for millennials to voice their opinions on news and other issues affecting them in today’s society — anything is applicable and can be made into an article. This is neat because one can have insight into the minds of teens and young adults and see how they’re affected by big and hard-hitting news. It’s a defining social media platform, and as the contributing editor for the SUNY Oswego branch of The Odyssey, I’m honored to be a part of such a community.

These websites, as I’ve stated, advocate for a “fair” stance when it comes to news. Overall, they don’t lean towards particular views, as every writer is different — and they have formats that are easy to navigate and make things much easier to absorb.