The sapodilla seed has sprouted into a plant!

Back in Late April my 8-year-old daughter brought home a pot from school in which she had planted some seeds and announced that we needed to water it so it would grow. Well, sure enough in about a week a few basil plants came out and we have been watering them ever since as they grow each day.

A few weeks later someone gave me some Sapodillas and after eating a few I decided to plant one of the seeds in the same pot and see what happened. I looked up the gestation period for Sapodillas and it said it was a couple of months. I kept checking the pot and after about 2 months I figured the seed would not germinate as it had been a long time and nothing had happened. I wondered, could it be that maybe I didn’t split the seed as someone suggested or perhaps there wasn’t enough nutrients in the soil.

Nevertheless, I kept watering the Basil daily.

Well this morning my children’s grandmother was cleaning the kitchen and I was sitting on the couch drinking my morning coffee. As she passed she said “boy its something how a thing could look like it was dying and then it just springs up”. I asked her what she was talking about and she reminded me that a few weeks back she hought the Basil plant was dying but today it was thriving and now a new plant had sprung up! I noted this, thinking that the plant was thriving because I had changed its environment having moved it from the Kitchen window where the direct summer sun was damaging it, to the sink area where it was a bit more shaded.

A little while later when I went for a coffee refill I looked into the pot and I was shocked to see the new sprout was exactly where I had planted the Sapodilla seed several months back!

Unseen by the physical eye a lot had been going on and this seed planted months ago finally gestated producing a brand new creation, a new Sapodilla tree! I was amazed and surprised because I had given up on the seed and here it was the natural universe had done what it always does, produced a plant after its own kind from a seed! Obviously I had made an error in my calculations of the gestation period, but that didn’t stop nature from doing what it does! I went back and looked up the gestation period again and found that the actual period was 2–3 months! Well it has been about 3 months since I planted the seed and even though I gave up looking for it after 2 months or so, it still appeared right on time! My expecting it to appear earlier didn’t change the fact that it would appear and also it was late!

This is a powerful lesson for me, as it reassures me that the new seeds of my desired new life, which I planted some time back, must and will produce that which I focus on! Nothing can stop it once I do my part, plant the seed, water it and have faith that the universal law will do what only it can do. Make it grow!!

The lesson in this, is that often times we set goals and we work at what we think we need to do to accomplish these goals or dreams, and yet it seems to us that its taking too long and will never happen. However, our vision is a seed, and just like the physical seed there is a gestation period where even though we are doing our part we can’t see what is going on behind the scenes. This is where it calls for understanding and faith and another and most importantly, persistence!

So design your vision, goals or dream, write it down, make it clear and everyday do your part confident that things are happening unseen to you and one day you will see your dreams come true and manifest in the physical. Your dilly seed will sprout!