Be a Smart Marketer and Keep Track of your Digital Footprint

As a Marketing student, it is essential for me to stay up to date with the digital world and what happens in social media because not having an online presence out there could be perceived as weird and may seem naive in a generation where everything is online.

No doubt our digital footprint matters and it can go viral in seconds. Ok that might seem to be an exaggeration! But, we have all seen posts gone viral in a matter of minutes. So yes, first things first! In Persia there is a phrase “read before you sign” meaning obviously know what you are signing up for. Check your posts carefully on social media before putting them out there, why am I writing this? Is it appropriate? Is it offensive? And most importantly what could be the consequences of this?

Consequences?! Now what would be the harm of writing a fun post? It’s a free country and I have the freedom of speech to say whatever I want to! Well, you might want to say things you can defend! In a recent documentary called Terms and Conditions May Apply, where the primary purpose of the film was to create awareness regarding privacy issues and data trucking by illustrating how social media websites sell personal user data to 3rd parties (advertising companies ), one thing that struck me the most was a young man travelling from the UK to US was arrested for posting a hashtag of “destroy America” with a drunk emoji, now he might have thought that oh that is fun, letting my friends know I am going clubbing but the others didn't seem to think so, did they? Oh, before I move on this documentary is eye opener, a must watch!

Being a Marketing and Business student I prefer to keep my data trail appropriate and yet productive! I had to go back on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and clean up the mess I might have created even as a joke cause they would become part of who I am. People might have assumptions that I would probably never find out, forget justifying. Well turns out I am not the only one that has been through this, a recent study of Teens, Social Media & Privacy shows that ‘59% of teens have deleted or edited something which they posted in the past’.

Managing our digital footprint has become an important aspect of our lives both personally and professionally! So much that there are apps such as Xpire to help clean something negligently been put out there in the past, because well people have lost jobs over twitting things they are not meant to.

So, how can I be smart about it? How can I have a positive data trail? How do I promote myself as a marketer? Well, fortunately there are ways! Instead of putting your life’s work on someone else’s property where they decide privacy settings, exposure, algorithms, be your own boss! own them

Like appropriate blogs, pages, photos
Keep your political and controversial views to yourself
Be aware of what you write about
Promote yourself as marketer (follow Marketing based blogs, companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups)
Contribute to other blogs/websites
Be active on social media but don’t be make it your hub
Finally the most important one, Get inspired and get yourself a domain
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