Future EID100 Students Guide

From taking this course for the very first time and ever hearing about modules and tweets, took me back quite a bit since I don’t do a lot of blogging-related sort of writing and I don’t use Twitter. My best advice to future students taking EID100 is always keep up on your work. Personally, I’ve been crazily been trying to keep up and so far, I’ve missed out on a couple of a modules of my own. DON’T leave it to the last second, last week, or whatever. It’s very simple to pass/do well in this course if you continually keep up with the work ethics that are required for this course.

I also believe that if you are of someone who is not very technology-friendly or familiar with these concepts, always ask the professor for help. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly person who will try to help you if you put in your own individual efforts as well.

Some of my tips for note-taking in this course would be…

  • Come to class!
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Staying at home or doing this course online has its perks but I feel like if you want a more interactive and in depth style of learning, it would be best to come to attend EVERY class possible (On a side note, our professor is pretty relaxed and fun. Also, participation marks do count in this class.)

  • I strongly advise opening up the powerpoint and going alongside with the professor while he is lecturing.
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This is because I feel sometimes you may miss out on details while you could be distracted by many other students via laptops or etc OR the fact that details may get glossed over too quickly if you use pen & paper to jot your notes down.

  • For the final project, always start as early as you can.
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The reason for this is because sometimes, as academic scholars you may feel pressured with your other courses, life responsibilities, and other personal circumstances that hinder your academic performance. Also, the earlier you start on it, the more progressive changes and ideas you will be able to develop over time as you interact with your peers, the world, and other fundamental building blocks in the course with your professor.

  • Participation marks and online interaction

I think this one may vary amongst people because some people are too shy to interact in class, have a fear of saying something wrong, or just general disdain for attention. I think participating in class or online helps you generate more sustain for knowledge. By participating in class or online, it may help the professor become more aware of certain things in the class to productively improve the course, improve the student’s well-being in academics, or even simply allowing yourself to fully immerse yourself in learning effectively.

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To anyone who is reading this, I would encourage anyone regardless of whether you come from a non-technological background to a science-y background, to take this course. It’s been very liberating for me as an individual who dabbles between different disciplines, to become engaged in this course. It helps you develop a worldly perspective on things, helps you research more elaborate ideas or topics, and helps you expand your horizons beyond the classroom. Taking this course is a MUST.

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