Committing this daily social media sin is okay.

Social Media is Story Crazy!

Forgive me Zuckerberg and Spiegel for I have social media sinned. I have posted the same stories ondifferent platforms.

Now that this is off my conscience, let the record show I believe each social media platform should have unique, dedicated content. What you post on a client’s Facebook page should be different than Twitter and Instagram — strategically, creatively, promotionally, etc.

However, the explosion of story functionality over the last year has made me pause. When it comes to content of the daily/disappearing variety, I now think it’s okay to repost the same content on different platforms.

Go ahead smite me all you wish.

The fact remains since Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others copied Snapchat’s story capabilities, the content options for viewers, brands and content creators have quintupled. While the places to add stories have exploded, neither my client’s social media budget nor the number of hours in the day, have changed.

As an avid viewer and story creator, it’s just too much to plan for. A little sanity is required. Hence, why I think it’s okay to repost and repurpose stories.

I’m advocating this now because:

1. It’s not about the platform; it’s about sharing your idea, creativity or “story” with a community.

2. Each platform has a different community (aka audience.) Posting the same stories multiple places allows you to increase the chance of reaching friends and fans with the message you want to share.

3. Planning, making and recording a cohesive story are a time suck. Even disappearing stories require a certain level of polish and thought. When you have a good idea — create it once, save to camera roll and repost.

4. People have too many social networks to check. You might only hit them on one platform. Why limit a cool story to Snapchat and ignore Instagram? Or vice versa.

If this advice comes as a relief, great. It took some stress off my shoulders, too. But don’t forget the following:

- You can tell the same story different ways. Proprietary lenses, Geofilters and stickers can enhance and differentiate HOW you share the story.

- You can and should create exclusive content for each channel. This is a good way to test engagement of your audience on each platform.

- Don’t abandon that content calendar. Your non-story content should continue to be unique.

- Cultivate the community. The more platforms you post stories on, the more you need to keep up those private chats and community building.

Bottom line: Don’t let the proliferation of Story options stifle your creativity. Keep making, save to camera roll and repost away.

You know, until a winning platform emerges.