Is Clickbait Working for Snapchat Discover?

I took these screenshots from my Discover Feed and Buzzfeed today.

Snapchat Discover Example
Buzzfeed Headlines

Similar headlines. Similar sensational approach. Difference? Minor.

Ever since a recent #Chatsnap around Snapchat Discover, I’ve been scanning it for stories that interest me. Day after day all I see is clickbait — exaggerated, juvenile and clearly geared to a specific personality.

On some level, mimicking Buzzfeed must work because Discover content consistently has this sensational quality. Obviously someone is tapping to watch since numbers were trending higher according to DigiDay.

And that leaves me to wonder if Snapchat Discover will ever have personalization? Or varied content that appeals to different tastes? What’s most likely is that as Snapchat looks to add more TV-like content on Discover, it will be less like Buzzfeed and more like TMZ.

(Chatsnap is a Twitter Chat all about Snapchat. It happens every Wednesday at 2pm EST.)

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