Why have we chosen izzz.io platform to run our own blockchain?

Working on creating our own unique security systems using blockchain technology, we aim to provide it with maximum speed and ease of implementation.

To do this, today we are considering launching a private blockchain based on the izzz.io platform. This platform uses the LCPoA block generation algorithm and does not require large computing resources.

Why have we chosen izzz.io platform to run our own blockchain?
Because this platform has a number of advantages in comparison with its analogues:

  • high-speed network, which allows to carry out more than 25,000 transactions per second in a specially configured environment (for comparison-confirmation of the transaction on the Ethereum platform can take up to 10 hours);
  • free data storage;
  • free transactions;
  • high security thanks to LCPoA block generation algorithm, which is tied to world time, protects the network from spam and fake transactions and is not demanding on computing resources. More information about the project Baikalika — on our official website https://baikalika.io.

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