The Path of Excitement

Life is a matter of perspective. We often didn’t realize it, but we have all the freedom to create whatever kind of life we want. . Even if we didn’t born rich, pretty, strong, or we are disabled. We still can create the life we want. The only obstacle we have is in our own thought. We compare ourselves with other people. That is a dangerous thought that creates a parameter for our own happiness. The true happiness comes from our deepest desire, not from others accomplishment or ownership. We have to look within ourselves for that desire. Put aside all the people we have ever made contact with and start to talking with ourselves about what we truly desire? Once we found it, the rest is hard work.

It is always okay to be selfish and put our need first before others. We will find difficulty along the way. There are always people and situations that obstruct us from our goal. That’s why we must work hard. Don’t give up and surrender to your obstacles. Fight it! Work hard in improving yourself. Fill up all the holes and weaknesses within you. Don’t ever complain before you giving all you can. Find the kind of power you need to fight your enemies. Get rid of them from your path toward happiness. Don’t pity your enemies and don’t ever look back. Focus on what’s waiting for you in the end of the road. You had passed the biggest obstacle that to find out your true desire. Don’t let yourself drown in the sorrow of not trying to reach it.

It’s better to die along the way than to regret your cowardice.

For you actually had created your envisioned world from the path towards your greatest desire.