Helping Radio Get Social: Radio Call-Ins For The 21st Century

One of the most entertaining aspects of sports radio is listener calls. Ranting, raving, and emotionally charged fans make for great (and sometimes wild) on-air content. Unfortunately, taking live calls always comes with risk knowing that people could say anything or ramble uncontrollably. Not to mention, the idea of dialing a landline and sitting on hold to make a point seems a bit outdated.

Here at Wavve, we offer community audio forums that let listeners post 60-second audio clips to start discussions with show hosts and other listeners. Think Twitter but with audio and channels for each radio show. Last week we partnered with an iHeart / Fox Sports radio show based out of Columbia, SC to improve their call-in process & increase listener engagement. “Reynolds in the Morning” is using the Wavve mobile app & Producer Dashboard (web) to take listener “calls” and play them back on the show.

Take a listen to their host using Wavve to play back listener-submitted voice clips live on the air:

After a week of integrating Wavve into their regular show process, we learned a few interesting things:

There are listeners that want to voice their opinion but won’t dial in via phone. We quickly found there was a group of listeners that were interesting, creative, and well-spoken but would never call in. Wavve created a safe & easy environment for them to record their take and even preview it before submitting.

Content & audio quality greatly improves when listeners can post audio at their own convenience via mobile app or desktop. It’s tough for people to dial into a show during the morning shuffle or afternoon commute. Wavve allows listeners to post audio anytime they have a thought, question, etc. The Wavve mobile app (iOS or Android) gives listeners access to a high-quality microphone from anywhere, anytime.

Community engagement creates amazing content. Wavve isn’t only an audio upload app. It’s a community engagement tool that lets listeners & hosts start discussions, comment, share audio, and more. Replies and comments can be better content than the original posts!

Wavve gives listeners the freedom to get creative. Just listen to this example below:

Every radio show has a community waiting to be activated. Terrestrial radio listeners are isolated and currently don’t have a way to audibly engage with one another via show content. Wavve gives listeners the ability to have discussions in between shows and talk with one another about show content. This community engagement creates loyal brand followers that are willing to share, promote, and praise your show.

Life is easier when call-in content can be screened and streamed live during the show. “Reynolds in the Morning” uses the Wavve Producer Dashboard to easily screen, moderate, share (social), and play audio live on the air. No more live ramblings or out of control callers (unless you want them!).

If you are interested in learning more about Wavve and how to set it up for your show, email us or request a Wavve Channel here. Feel free check out a sports radio demo of our web version to listen to posts.


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