What Super Bowl hangover? That’s the question The New England Patriots wont have to answer as they have reloaded for a potential back to back championship run. Often times, in the National Football League we see teams struggle the Subsequent season after they’ve gone to a Super Bowl. In Fact, as recently as the 2015 Denver Broncos (12–4) and Carolina panthers (15–1) it happened. Both teams represented their respective conferences in Super Bowl 50. Both teams had dominate Defenses. But in the end it was Denver who walked away with the hardware. Fast Forward to last season I believe the consensus was that despite giving away Josh Norman. Carolina would be at least make back the NFC championship. Denver also lost a few key players on defense which you could argue impacted their season however they still finished 4th top ranked D. in the league. Both Teams missed the playoffs. We can talk about why each missed the playoffs a year removed from a sb50 berth, or their specific struggles on Offense or Defense, but to me it highlights just how much head and shoulders above the rest of the league the N.E. Patriots are. They seem let key players go all the time, they Have been doing it for years under the Belichick regime and always manage to flourish. So it should be no surprise that the patriots were willing to let their Defensive captain walk away in FA. Or are even willing to trade SB49 hero Malcolm Butler. They prove always no matter who you are you are just a cog in a machine that can be swapped out at anytime. This offseason the patriots have sent shockwaves through the NFL. Wheeling and dealing at a pace we haven’t really seen from them before. Understandably so with TB turing 40 in august the patriots are loading up on talent and are primed to compete for a championship for at least the next 3 seasons. My Gut says Butler signs his tender and plays for the pats in ‘17 I think he and Gilmore will dominate. Im also a bit curious as to how the patriots will utilize Brandon Cooks. on offense where will he line up?how will he contribute? Theres no doubt in my mind hell do just that! With a final need at Power Back that patriots have been patient as the 2017 Draft class is chock full Running Backs. However the patriots still have been diligent in there process by having Adrian Peterson visit and workout for them, all while keeping the door open to a potential LB return. History tells us that Peterson probably wont last a full 16 game season but having him sign a team friendly deal to join the club shouldn’t be a bad idea. I also think that with seemingly no real interest from other teams concerning Blount, that its not out of the realm of discussion to sign both backs as insurance. This will probably be the most Talented patriots team we’ve seen to date. Games are won on the field, but I think we can agree this team looks pretty scary right now.