Low awareness of peers on impact of technology on job market.

Well, let’s start on who I am?

I am a person who works in healthcare and spent already 6 years in medical school, then 2 years in public health school. After working almost 2 years in administration of cardiac surgery hospital, I am not confident that I will have well paying job after 20–30 years. You might ask why, and as a response I will highlight some trends that are happening right now in the world. In this globalized world, almost everyday, I can witness the novel tech ideas that are brought to market instantly. No doubt, great deal of them come from Silicon Valley — the world’s cradle of technology and innovation. So the trends are…

First of all, level of development of automation technologies are at an alarming rate. The most contributors to this is yet to come — artificial intelligence software and hardware. Currently some of my peers might laugh at some achievements of this industry. But consequent news of successes of Google self-driving car, civil drone developments and personal assistants like Siri, Google Now and Cortana are all ancestors of coming “employees” that will eventually replace most jobs.

Secondly, level of implementation of novel tech achievements to the market is high at all time. Politicians, businessmen and top managers of corporations are knowledgeable on coming benefits from replacing humans with cutting edge technologies and are eager to implement them ASAP.

Thirdly, level of sophistication of automation technologies that are becoming human independent in their performances. They can make decisions based on access to cloud with big data and increasing ability to learn from real life patterns.

I worry for my peers, who yet don’t recognize the fundamental changes that are coming. It means that tomorrow they may be at low end of competition with automation technologies on job market. The book “The race against machine” perfectly illustrates the winners and losers of these shifts, where losers will be low skilled masses that are not creative for future job market.

Thus in order to secure a job in future it is not enough just to perform your duties on good level, it is rather the awareness and actions that you already should take to adjust skills and knowledge to new competitive level.

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