Decoded-How KRK’s Twitter Account Got Suspended.

He calls us “ 2 Rupee people”.

He sleeps after saying- “Kiss to Kareena and Kick to Baba Ramdev”.

He says…Tatti Tatti Tatti..Please fill whatever can be shit in this planet, Galaxy or the Solar System or whatever new thing Elon Musk will find by evening. That will suffice as KRK’s Tweet.

This self-proclaimed movie reviewer who gathered 5.8 Million haters on Twitter finally got his account suspended on 18th Oct 2017 after a Twitter poll where voters in huge numbers asked Bakbot Chacha(Bakbot Chacha) to get his account suspended. (Bahut Exaggeration by me- Sirf 52 vote aaye the, Still KRK ke naam pe chalta hai exaggeration). Here is what he got from “2 Rupee people”:

This happened just a week before Kamal R Khan’s account got suspended. You can say it is a coincidence. But people from the world of Bakchodi think there is a pattern. Here is what veteran Bakchod- Aurunaab Poswami has to say: “ Nation wants to Poll-on any Bakchodi. We have become a Bakchodi Tolerant Nation. I never ever, ever ever..loop.mein 150 baar..ever..Do Bakchodi”. Other non Famous Bakchod- Rahool Gandheee- known for his intended pun said- “ Dekhiye Bakchodi is a state of Mind. For you KRK is Bakchod but for me or Arvind Khejruwaal, Male(translation: Nar)-endra Modi is Bakchod. We even spoke to Dr. Man ka Mohan singhwa but he started using abusive language for which he is well-known much like our own KRK.

But all of them converged on one point- after KRK the only successor to ensure “Bakchodi Kayam Rahe” can be Bakbot Chacha. There were other reasons like a gun, knife, Shakti Kapoor, Ranjit, Amjad Khan, Rakhi Sawant etc so they converged.This is Chacha’s maiden attempt of being popular and people should follow him on Twitter @BakbotC or on facebook @BakbotChacha as part of their CBR or Corporate Bakchod Responsibility.

Yours Truely Bakchod,

Bakbot Chacha



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