Gubernatorial Ticket Baker & Navarro Pledge to Ensure Equity in Distribution of Sports Betting Licenses

With sports betting officially launching at Maryland Casinos this week, Gubernatorial Candidate Rushern Baker and Lieutenant Governor Candidate Nancy Navarro are calling for racial and gender equity in the distribution of licenses:

“Once again, a brand new industry is launching in our state with the promise of tens of millions of dollars in tax revenues and so far there has been little to no access for minority or women-owned businesses,” said Baker, “Whether it’s gambling, medical cannabis, or now sports betting, we have time and time again prioritized wealthy and well-connected investors over ensuring equitable access for all Marylanders to these new industries. This is absolutely unacceptable, especially in the most diverse state on the East Coast.

If elected Governor, I pledge to ensure equity in the distribution of sports betting licenses by doing the following:

-Require that all mobile sports betting license applicants have at least a 30% Minority Business Enterprise (MWBE) equity interest in the business;

-Appoint members to the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) that are committed to equity in this process and not repeating the same mistakes made in the gambling and medical cannabis licensing processes;

-Place a cap on the number of mobile licenses available, ensuring that big players in the industry are incentivized to secure investment from minority or women-owned businesses for their applications.”

Links to resources:

● Campaign website

● Baker’s Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

● Navarro’s Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Husband, father, caregiver, Former Prince George’s County Executive. 2022 Candidate for Governor. Authority: Baker & Navarro for MD, Calvin Brown, Treasurer