How Many Weeks Can You Get An Abortion

Abortion, though, is not a good matter but many often it becomes necessary. Genetic system of women doesn’t allow to abort the fetus after a considerable periods is over. Till 12th week, fetus establishes inside the womb with all the human related activities and necessities. After this period, abortion is quite risky as it can also cause serious life hazards to the mother too. It is self explanatory that you have only 12 weeks (three months) to abort a fetus if felt necessary. In case some anti social cases have raised and a woman got pregnant, abortion must be done within 12 weeks.

It is better to not take risks and get the matter resolved well in time

Though this period is also very risky and has various dangers on the health of concerned woman. Seriousness of the subject is self explanatory that how many weeks can you get an abortion. Various Gynecologists working in world have opinion that best period to have an abortion within six weeks. In case any delay occurred due to any reason, it is better to carry that child and give birth in proper manner. In case the 12 weeks have been done, you should prefer only medical abortion. By medical way the abortion process is easier. Some medicines are available that can wash out the uterus and fetus dissolves. Surgical process is quite risky and expensive too.

You can use medical aborting process at your home in gradual manners

Medical process can also be applied in homes. This process also does not involve a big therapy and serious treatment. Some pills are available that makes the job easier. Little awareness on using the pills is beneficial for concerned lady. This abortion may be due to unwanted pregnancy before or after marriage. Many often, some couple don’t want a baby but unfortunately this happens. In some cases, pre marriage pregnancies also need abortion. In any case, the maximum period for an abortion is before 12 week and you can usually get between 2–4 abortion in a period of 2 years. This also depends on the clinical condition of the concerned lady. It is not done that on just 12th week, you go to a doctor. Try to avoid this problem well in time so that any post abort problems are not occurring. Though, maximum gynecologists advise the use of Mifepristone for abortion. This is safer pill and doesn’t affect the medical condition of the lady concerned. Though, in some of the cases, it has also been seen that some women got aborted on 13th week too.