How to Hack Your Calendar to Build New Habits

Build new productivity habits by hacking your daily routine

Balind Sieber is a designer who’s trying to be a combination of Casey Neistat, Ryan Reynolds, and Gary Vaynerchuck

Look, we all know it’s tough to build new habits

Myself and every designer I know struggles with our love of productivity and its overlap with our desire to just live in the moment.

I don’t have all the answers but I’ve definitely spent enough time hacking my way through my Calendar. It may have paid off because I’ve developed a simple way of using my Calendar app that reminds me what I should really be doing, at every hour of the day.

Here it is in summary…

Create a new personal calendar and name it “ROUTINE”.

Craft your ideal day using only this calendar — when should you be eating, exercising, and working?

Set these Calendar events to repeat, daily.

Every day, you’ll see what you probably should be doing, rather than what you’re actually doing at that time during the day.

I’m constantly tweaking my calendar to match my current lifestyle, but here’s a portion of what my “ROUTINE” calendar looks like right now, for example:

At the very least, I know what my most productive day should look like.

And it’s nice to be reminded.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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