How to Visually Tell Your BRAND STORY

Let’s walk through the formula for creating a visual story around your brand.

The data is in, internet users are reading less and skimming more. Not to mention they’re literally communicating through images (Snaps, emojis).

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If we want to stop people in their feeds we need to tell our brand story through arresting visuals that speak to our customer. But communicating your story can be very difficult for a lot of entrepreneurs and startups.

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The basic principles of branded storytelling

Your customer is the hero, you are the guide. You want to show the story of your customer before they used your product with an emphasis on how they felt after using it.

Emphasis on feelings, not your product. People don’t buy products, they buy how that product will make them feel.

The formula looks like this:

  • Show your target customer feelings of frustration.
  • Show your product removing friction and alleviating your customers frustration.
  • Show your customers emotional end-state.

It’s simply a matter of understanding what point of friction your product solves. If your product doesn’t solve a need, then you should go back to the drawing board. 😉

Watch the video above as I walk you through some brand story ideas for a fitness app. That should help get your juices flowing.

In my next article I’m going to show you how to shoot your brand story for little to no budget. For reals. Make sure you check back next week for that.

If this article made you think a bit about your brand story, I encourage you to keep the wheels spinning.

What is your story? It starts with knowing who your target is

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