The Hustle Never Ends

Update on my professional status

Hello friends this is Balind –

BTW my name is pronounced “Bah-lin(d)”. My parents were feeling artsy when they had me.

Either you know me personally or have been following me for a while, either way I want to give you an update of where I’m at professionally.

First let me ask you a question: What has the last 4 years held for you — Is it a blur of emotion or have you garnered a new perspective with each passing year?

For me, the last 4 years have been an amazing ride and I’m truly grateful for the experiences.

After spending the first decade of my career designing and building websites, in 2012 I started an eCommerce clothing line, kicking off 8 months of around the clock sacrifice. I managed to make it profitable at the expense of my health, earning amazing relationships along the way. Love you Karen.

In 2013 I joined a traditional “above the line” advertising agency and managed to both round out my skill-set as a Creative Director while learning that I simply didn’t fit into the traditional agency mold of the time. I was done with advertising for the time being.

In 2014 I traveled around Asia writing a book, shifting back and forth from soaking in culture to deep focused states of writing. Perspective successfully altered, I only returned stateside to pursue an opportunity that I knew most young creatives would never have…

Enter 2015, I was the Director of Digital Creative at the global ad agency TBWA, working with their 600 person retail division. I spent the bulk of my time traveling between their US network of agencies, probably the most challenging role I’ve ever held but also the most rewarding and as always, the friends I made along the way were the greatest benefit.

That brings us to the present. Even though I live in the tech-hub of San Francisco my lifestyle is very nomadic, similar to when I was roaming Thailand. I sleep in AirBnb’s, make friends through social media, and live in co-working offices.

As usual I’m consumed with turning my passions into a profitable business. I’ve secured funding through a digital agency that I won’t name simply because I don’t want to be an ambassador, yet.

So, what am I working on? Q3 2016 is going to be about reviving the book I wrote in Thailand but never published. Instead of hiring a ghost writer to finish it for me I’ve decided to turn it into a visual book, which lends itself better to my talents. It let’s me use multiple platforms to release it as well, since it will be half book and half film. Plus, interviewing my peers gives me a chance to travel and connect. Instead of being about combining strategy with creativity, which is so 2014, this book/film will be about content creation and how to combine UX principles with visual storytelling to design a branded ecosystem that builds an audience. Tell me you wouldn’t read/watch that? F yes.

Not sure what it will be called yet but probably something easily searchable and not yet owned, like “Content Creators”.

June 2016 is about settling into San Francisco, because I plan to be here for a hot minute. It’s about building my friend circles, setting up the relationships to crush Q3, and establishing a “can’t-live-without-me” presence at my agency (because that’s good business)

If you like what I’m doing and want to get involved, hit me up, I’ll find a place for you ;)

Side note: Instead of getting a dog I’ve decided to get a drone.